Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ashley Wood
Jeremy Geddes
Phil Hale
Jon Foster

These are the living, working denizens of my inspiration world. They are truly the limit of all that is illustration greatness. I pee my pants in admiration. The dead ones are obvious:

Norman Rockwell
Maxfield Parrish
Howard Pyle

New Cowboy piece coming soon.

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Mike Puncekar said...

We have very similar tastes it would seem.

May I also recommend: Alex Kanevsky, Sean Cheetham, and Justin Sweet. With the dudes you listed those are all I'd add to my painterly guys list.

Be sure to check out Ashley Woods older fashion illustrations and Hellspawn covers. He kinda of went throguh a Dave McKean thing, but now seems set to dominate anythign doing with girls, robots, and zombies. The bastard.