Sunday, February 28, 2010

More project?

Do I have too many projects on my plate? Well for a guy with no freelance work, no. I got plenty. Plus one: I Muse. She is one of three in the final composition. The other two will have a phone and a laptop, respectively. They will all be sitting in or about an apple tree.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New piece

This is a piece based on my poem the Pillow King. Two of these show me trying to do three point perspective on a larger scale than i should have... heh.

Each board has one of the perspective points on it. I didn't have a yard stick either, so I spent alot of time measuring and remeasuring.

Could have saved myself alot of hassle by just doing the perspective on a small scale and then blowing it up to the painting's size. Oh well, live and learn.

Here's the poem:

The Pillow King is overlord in both fools and dreams.
Swimming those sweet currents of the ink black nocturne streams
Eats he up the starlight with his boiling hungry shroud
And to me he lends a dark hand, as he speaks silent and aloud:

"Come, come, sweet songbird,
We have such things to see
Fly, fly, my wonder,
In my kingdom, you are free.

"Close your eyes and journey, we must cross the night-time sea
We'll meet the Moonlight Queen and seek her orchard trees.
Grand branching ancient woods, thick with sparkling fruits,
Perhaps she'll let you venture, and step among their roots."

And with that he pulled me through the bottom of my bed
Falling, drowning, weightless in the shadows of my head.
Racing he, through earth and core, and out her other side
Landed we upon the sea of the blackened heaven sky.

A silver fish our vessel, tracing each dark cloud-reef
The earth is now our canopy: cloud countries in relief.
I ride beside the Pillow King and drink the drought of sounds.
Ancient rumblings from the deep, and again his song resounds:

"Come, come, sweet songbird,
We have such love to live
Fly, fly, my wonder,
And take what's yours to give."

And at the shore of my kingdom, look you at the land,
built of hope and virtues with kindly earnest hands.
And looking at the earthsky, see your home above
A cold and distant city-star, which would you rather love?

"Come, come, sweet songbird,
Now join my quiet land
Seek, seek, my wonder,
And sift away your sand."

Your lover stands beyond the light, at the edges of the beach
The one you always sought for, now in easy reach."
'Join me now my darling!' Joy is the song I sing.
But low intones the somber voice of the tyrant Pillow King:

"Come, come, sweet songbird,
You can love but never cross,
Seek, seek and wonder,
For I am the everlasting lost."

The Pillow King is overlord of both fools and dreams.
Swimming those sweet currents of the ink black nocturne streams
Eats he up the starlight with his boiling hungry shroud
And for those hours of his reign, I cherish all I've found.
But neither his grand enticement nor the riches at his hands,
Would make me join his kingdom for I belong to sun-kissed lands.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project: Ressurection

I looked at some old paintings I never finished and decided to retool them. Progress shots soon!


So the composition is supposed to be vertical. So there.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Made some changes on this guy. Though it's been awhile, so maybe you've forgotten how he looked in the first place...


Also an oldie but a goodie, this one I never showed the final of. Cover for Fahrenheit 451. Still a poor image, though. This one is tough to photograph because it has a lot of gloss in it.

old cowboy, new picture

I finished this guy a while ago, but I wanted to put better images of my paintings on the web. So, there.


I've been hard at work! Lately I've been trying watercolor and getting back into acrylic. I've also been looking at a lot of blogs. One blog of note is Art Order. I've only just recently seen it, and can't believe I never found it before. He has art challenges on there too, and since I'm STILL trying to get seen somehow, I decided to submit to his latest Rust challenge.

It's dark in value and subject matter, I know... I promise to make the next one nicer. It's based off of the concept that some thoughts are meant to stay dormant and rust. I got so excited for this one that I fuzzled up the size. It's supposed to be vertical. Also, his head makes a wonderful tangent at the top of the page. Meh...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saving pennies.

I have decided that I will attend the Illustration Master Class in 2011. Now I have to buy a spatula so I can scrape all the money I can get off of the insides of my bank.

I looked at rocks and drew rocks. And I never knew any different. After all, I had seen only rocks.

Busy bee, busy bee, where will you go? I need to get out and talk to people. About art. And stuff.