Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When old, crappy ideas make new, cool ones.

I have a whole lotta commissions I am working on. I'm practically being paid in compliments, but they should all make nice additions to my portfolio. I carved out just a little bit of time to work on my Zelda piece and put in the final touches. Like many of my 'I learned so much' pieces, I will post the finish along with the process.

This one was interesting because it started as something very different:

I completed this bad boy a little over a year ago. He was an 8x10 study in mood and composition. I liked how it looked, and decided to cut my teeth in Photoshop with a little re-imagining.

This isn't my first re-imagining.

I was also hankering to do fan art, so I could come out to the world as a practicing video gamer. What better idea than to have Link in a dungeon? I would have to change so little! Just a fairy in the corner and a hookshot instead of a gun. But then I remembered this:

Not to mention this, which I am still not finished with:

It is sad when a painting stalls in its teenage phase.. but I digress. Yeah, I've done dungeon before. I wanted to do something with sky! Mountains! Open air! So I did.

Since you've already seen steps one through seven, in which I change my mind multiple times and learn the wonders of layers, I'll just show you my newest and mostest finished (yes, that was on purpose) version(s).