Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Troy IV

And another, better, later photo. Soon to be finished, ah ha!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Troy III

So here is a terrible photo of Troy as it progresses...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Troy 2

Moving right along, this is pretty much my process for painting. One undercoat in oils, and then working out the value study in its entirety.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Troy step 1

Ah, so now that I have my proverbial blog boulder hewn from the internet earth, I must get it rolling. After all, Newton said that a blog in motion stays in motion. Thus I post and post again! 

This is the composition for a book called Troy. The book is about two sisters within the city of Troy just before and just after its fall. 


Why, might you ask, would David name his blog after such a mundane object? First off, that is very astute of you, thanks for asking, and secondly, it is named after the subject of this poem:


Surge protector, blank and pale,
My mind acquires cords
Plugging in at every port
To sap power from the source

Find another fit, 
I am overfilled enough
I might jus' start a fire,
If a spark would dare to jump.

Junior year

Here's another piece, from a decidedly yester-year, in both concept and design. Video games? I wish I had the money. Girlfriend? Mmm... Regardless, in a lifestyle long since forgotten, I ran into a few altercations much like this one:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Past Projects 1

This is the first piece I did this fall. A cover for The Scarlet Letter, o' course. Not the most lively story, mind you. So I found it difficult to get a really exciting moment to illustrate. The climactic end speech really wouldn't do. Spoilers on the cover? Taboo, good sir! 

Thankfully the very first scene in the book does much the same thing, setting poor Hester on a pedestal in the middle of the town square amidst angry lookers-on. I wanted an epic-ness to this tale of hidden sin and evil deeds. Puritans really resist being made epic, though. 

It's about 24"x32", oil on canvas board.

In the begining...

Dear Internet,

Thank you for listening to me. You are really big. My mom says that you are scary, but she is not the boss of me. I think you are really colorful and you know alot.

David Hovey

P.S. I am online at last... Behold the one man revolution! The blogger of truth and intensity! A true and different voice! I am Blogtaculus! Bloglicious! Blogmanical! Just like the other millions of people on here... No matter. I am, therefore I blog.