Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dark Pearl

The Dark Pearl. That is what I have come to name my first entry into Spectrum. I spent long nights painting, sent e-mails asking for critiques, and even barely finished at the last minute, printing and sending my submission at 4:45 from the Post Office. Whew.

Unless specifically for a gallery, I will not do another piece this large for a long time methinks. It is an insane challenge to photograph and put together digitally, and even now I am unhappy with certain inconsistencies compared to the actual image.

Tell me what you think, good and bad. On to the next thing!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Okay so I have had this lady sitting around my apartment for about a week or two now, and I've looked at her enough times to accept that she is close enough to finish. I might put some more octopus skin texture on her lower half/tentacles, but outside of that I am calling it finished. And I am generally very happy with her. Oils, 36x48" I also wrote up a short poem inspired by (and honestly aped from) Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." I may redo the poem however, as it sounds perhaps a little too Poe-y.

I will not stir sweet creature, although I tremble at your leisure
Until you wake and find your place beside me I’ll not roam.
I’ll be waiting, whispering, wanting, for every purpose haunting
Though the task is daunting, I am yours, and we are home.
So slumber, tired traveler, you have found at last a home.
Together, we forever, underneath the ocean foam.

Aye, in the distance creeping, can you see the steel whale reaping?
He is seeking you, a fugitive from his dimly glowing dome
But I will keep your secret from his pawing prying regret
He who sent you hell bent from your former warmer home
Denied you were but now, my love, you’ve found another home
Together, we forever, underneath the ocean foam.

The darkness was much darker, despair my constant marker,
And in all the massive ocean my world was smaller when alone.
Here you’ve come at last, like a specter from my past
My heart is beating fast as I dream the future of our home
We’ll forge our lives anew among the currents were we’ll roam
Together, we forever, underneath the ocean foam.