Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm alumni now. Oh.

Today I graduated cum laude from Columbus College of Art and Design. BFA of Illustration, Minor in writing. Today I join the ranks of CCAD Illustration Alumni, and those are some big shoes to fill. Even all of my RA responsibilities are over and done with. When I move out tomorrow, all ties to college will be severed(for now of course, I'll stay in touch)!

It is certainly a wierd feeling, like sitting on the front car on a roller coaster at the top of the first hill. For four years I rode to this crest, and now I have to keep it together for the plunge. It's scary and exhilerating up here, but I have never been more ready.

The teaching I have gotten here at CCAD, and the experiences, and people I came across have made me the professional I am today. Success, I'll send you a text once I get on the road, I'll be at your house pretty soon.

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