Friday, May 22, 2009

Cell Phone
There once was a man named Ben
Who turned off his phone and then
With no one to call
And no text at all
Was never heard from again.

Rant time:
There will be no flying cars in the future. Flying personal transport will never happen. Face it. Let us review the facts:
It takes years of training and specific physical specifications to learn to fly
Even now with so little air traffic, comparatively, planes still collide
There's no such thing as stop signs in the air
Oh yeah, and people are really bad at driving on a two-dimensional plane. Give them three dimensions and its like cutting your vegetables with a machine gun: make a stupid mistake and you no longer just get nicked. Plus, cutting vegetables with a machine gun is dumb in the first place, you really trust yourself on the highway of the future?

I am sorry I had to burst that bubble, really I am. But it's a stupid dream. A wonderful, stupid-ass dream. I loved you, Fifth Element.

1 comment:

Mike Puncekar said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA WAIT. You don't want to shoot up vegetables with a machine gun? Are you human?

But yeah.. flying cars lots of death. Machine gunning.