Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shadowrun 5th addition: Flaws

Let's set the stage: I've been working for three weeks on this commission. I have already finished two other paintings. My assignment was to paint a girl who had recently been turned into a ghoul and was currently hiding out on the outskirts of the city. I sent him this thumbnail.

At his point, my AD Brent Evans (who is a spectacular guy and I have to thank him on every project for his clarity of direction and patience) gave me the most important advice for Shadowrun artwork I've yet to receive: The first rule of Shadowrun is: everyone's a badass.

Everyone. Did you just have a baby? It's a badass newborn baby. Your grandma lives in the Shadowrun universe? She's a badass granny. Even the rats are badasses (this should come as no surprise to anyone who's played an RPG).

Quiz time: You've been bitten by a ghoul and you're slowly turning into a rancid human-zombie hybrid. What are you?

That's right, you're a badass. So I redesigned and sent Brent this:

Now I'm running behind, really behind. Two days from now is the extended deadline, behind.

I don't have my reference yet.

I don't have the model I was going to use anymore.

My sister Ruby, who at the last second heroically volunteered to model for the face, can't model for the body.

I'm out of options. But I am an artist, and no artist is ever out of ingenuity.

So this happened:

This is the physical manifestation of last minute artistic ingenuity. Who's that bearded hooker I found to shoot reference? I don't know. She sure was friendly, though.

She might have been me.

Alright, it was me. I'm that bearded hooker.

I took these pictures at ten at night, and painted until dawn. Then I took a three hour nap, and painted until four the next morning, at which point I finished this:

She just finished eating a guy.

Also, she just finished shaving her beard.

1 comment:

Brent Evans said...

Yeah - I know you left blood, sweat and tears on that image - but it was totally worth it. Great image, great storytelling, great composition, and just down right bad ass.

"Your awesome character just got bitten by a ghoul?" Well guess what...

She's still a bad ass.

Welcome to the shadows.