Sunday, June 16, 2013


So, here's what happened:

I was sitting at home, playing video games with my bro, Josh Cosmos. I got a call from some friends who I was going to spend time with in Columbus, but it didn't work out. They informed me that I was being kidnapped.

So Columbus happened.

While in Columbus, my friends and I were sitting around wondering what to do with our lives as kidnapper and kidnappee when we called up Chavilah Bennett. Spoiler alert: one day she will rule the world. Anyhow, she suggested that we walk around downtown, because we heard whispers of a "My Little Pony" conference going on.

So the convention center happened.

Once inside, instead of seeing tons of pony enthusiasts, we were treated to various ork, elf, and mage variants. There were giant posters of magical beasts and mean something-or-others surrounding tables of very serious looking people rolling dice and dealing cards.

So Origins happened.

And, upon searching the various booths and rooms, I found Catalyst, makers of Shadowrun, the RPG I make artwork for. There in the picture, I'm holding the actual books that I'm actually published in. Chavilah was super awesome and forced me to mug for this picture, and I even got to meet some of the developers of the game, who were super friendly and awesome.

We eventually got to Trot con, and there were ponies everywhere. My kidnappers were pleased. Anyhow, when I get more pictures, I'll be sure to show them with the requisite explanations, but until then, I actually have new artwork to show you, so onward and upward!

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