Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of a legend

I'm not sure what I'm calling this piece just yet, but the title is one option... I am also throwing around Sheriff Wilhelm and Live by the Gun. None of them is turning me on yet. If you have a suggestion, I'd love you hear it! I know you read that sentence and thought, well, sure, someone, but not me. Yes, you.

When trying to figure out how to fix my painting, I knew that I couldn't be tentative. But painting right into the canvas without careful planning would be worse that fixing it in the first place. That's where, in this age of computers, Photoshop is a life saver.
Yes, it looks absolutely silly. But in about ten minutes flat I can get a working idea of what would usually take six to ten hours to do. I even used this photo to judge size and distance from other parts of the painting. I wasn't painting randomly, hoping my sizes where correct. I would look at the canvas and say, OK, the hand is this far from the edge, and the pinky is this far from the shirt, et cetera. It made huge changes of little consequence.

I took progress shots pretty much every time I came up for air on this project. Enjoy.
I almost tried to call it done here, but I knew there was something hiding from me. The sky wasn't finished yet.

I also realized that his arm still looked awkward. I went back to the drawing board and shot reference one more time, and added it into my frankenstien photoshop monster. Then I executed it:

I still have to go back into the hair and add just a touch or two of detail, and I have to paint over the forearm to give it a little bit more dimension. Otherwise, anything else I do to the piece is polish. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow you'll get to see the final product, signature and all. Thanks for looking!

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