Monday, April 20, 2009

Landscape of Payne!

This is one of the more recent paintings I finished for C.F. Payne's Seminar class. It's a whole lot of work in his class, but every long (sometimes really long) hour in that class is worth it.

If you are an illustration major at CCAD, and you don't take his class, you are being foolish.

Don't like his style? Too bad.
Don't want to paint big headed people? He won't make you do that.
He has 32 years of experience in freelance illustration!
And in a recession he is still making money. Good money.

There is no reason not to take this course!!! I have done nothing but improve greatly in his class, and am very grateful for his expertise. Take his class. Submit to the Payne. If you can't handle it, then you weren't built to make it.

Ahem, tirade aside, can you say mixed berry yogurt label?


Anonymous said...

very nice (as usual), and it does seem to make me hungry for yogurt.

Sveta said...

I would totally buy a yogurt with this painting on it.