Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zombie Song

If I were a zombie,
I would love your sweet remains.
Stumbling sweetly, calling,
"Blarg, my dear," and, "brains."
You'd have my heart forever
(I wouldn't need it, after all)
Although you'd prolly eat it,
I'd still cherish your human hull.
When the army comes to shoot us,
I'd leap before the guns,
To save the rotted body of my lovely honey buns.
But we're not undead, and I'm happy:
You would not smell so sweet.
Though you'd probably be as bity,
I don't think you'd be as neat.
I think the thing I'd miss the most
If I were a without a soul; a shell,
Would be the fact I'd not get lost
Inside your eye's deep well...

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