Saturday, January 3, 2009


I return! I have been, for a lack of better excuses, doing nothing, both at home and here. So sue me. No one is looking at my blog yet anyways, so there. I do amuse myself in the fact that I write so over-arch-ingly to the world, as if I have some huge rabid fan base waiting on my every word. Calm your nerves, my sweet non-existent minions, I have returned and will continue to feed your hungering eyes with paintings and poetry. 
Such a powertrip, this blogging thing is. I feel I can and should blog about absolutely everything. From that db driver on the way to Dayton to the economy to women and their ridiculous habits (which are eclipsed only by men's), it is my right, no, my responsibility to bitch, ride, and ridicule righteously from my internet pedestal. Listen all! For David has SPOKEN!!! ...about canned food. Or who knows. Regardless, here is where the petty becomes the holy, and the blogger bears the cross of stupidity bravely. So don't you worry, countless millions. David is back, and most definitely slightly perturbed. 

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