Friday, December 28, 2012

Cover for SAM

I'm still writing a novel. It may have gone on hiatus for a while, but I think that helped it, overall.

When I first started writing it, the story had a real identity crisis: was this a funny story, or a serious one with some humorous situations? It certainly started as something that was no where near serious. Once I made the decision to write a drama, all the pieces fell together.

Whether you like it or not is another thing, but I believe it is more successful now, and I'm ready to start throwing it at a larger group of people. If you want to read the first chapter, follow this link. I won't make any promises, but I'd like to update chapter by chapter with little illustrations like this one on a somewhat regular basis. Enjoy!
I love the look of screen prints. Also, I may have been looking at Tomer Hanuka just a little too often lately. Regardless, Here's a quick paint-up plus type:
Do you ever get that itch? The one that tells you that you've seen an image before, even though you just painted it? That's where I'm at now. I can't shake the idea that I just aped someone's style really hard, but I can't find the culprit. Something about the type and the chroma and the flat image keeps the voice in my head screaming plagarism. I hate that. Well, if I did, it was entirely unintentional, and if I didn't, I wish my brain would just shut up.

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