Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Finally I know where this piece is going. Morbid to be sure, but I am currently trying to net sci-fi/horror/noir freelance jobs. All of those subjects tend to be a bit morbid, especially the horror genre. This is a very generic piece which, for once, I think is a strength. I need to get bread and butter freelance work before I start trying to tell my own stories. My portfolio from a year ago suffered from a chaotic originality. I had western pieces, I had octopus women, I had period piece grayscale paintings, and I had old-timey robot illustrations, many of which were based on my stories. The portfolio said that I knew how to paint, and that I didn't like staying on subject. Only a few of my illustrations were easily explainable. It didn't mean my work was smarter, it just meant that my work was less approachable. By no means do I intend to produce increasingly generic work. But everything I've done is so far off the reservation that no one can connect the dots. So I did a piece with Link in it. I did a piece with a lightning wizard. And now, we have the beginning of a vampire chick. See you soon with updates!

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