Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New blogs

I have decided to break up my interests into multiple blogs. This will help streamline the content that each blog provides.

This blog will continue to be my main art blog. I'll share news of my artwork and new projects. My other blogs will be devoted to writing and ranting, respectively.

The rant blog is called Poor Drawings, and the goal is a weekly update at least of crap that I am dealing with or stories from my past that I want to illustrate humorously. I don't have a lack of potential content...

My writing blog isn't established yet, but I am working on a novel. While I hate to promise something that won't happen, I have the goal of doing illustrations for it chapter by chapter. Once I get far enough ahead with that project to be able to post on a regular basis, then I'll usher you over there.

I have five paintings that are in various stages of planning and finish, and while I can't show you one of them, the others you will probably get sick of, I'll show you so many pictures. :)

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