Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nebulous Future

I am the art version of Mr. Rodgers. How say you, David? You do not have a special garden filled with puppets, or a train that runs through your living room. You don't have a special bond with the mail man and tour the box factory on a regular basis. I don't even know if I want you to be my neighbor.

Alright, all of those are valid points, even if they're a little harsh. But I do one thing just as he does. When I get serious about work, I change clothes. I don't change my sweater though, mind you. I change pants. No, I do not have another, similar pair of pants under my pair of pants that I cover up again with a new pair of pants. I wear paint pants.

They aren't my favorite pair, but my mom loves them almost as much as she likes my unkempt facial hair, so I try to wear both whenever she is around.

I am not a messy painter. But sometimes, as Mr. Rodgers knows, a man has to get serious. This is my first time painting a nebula, but it actually went pretty smoothly, outside of me having to wipe a bunch of paint away and start from scratch(I only did that once, so I am declaring it a victory). It was a daunting task, and one that I had help with. Mr. Donato Giancola unknowingly assisted my ignorance in the ways of space-dust. The link is the trailer for an amazing tutorial. Without further ado, here is the painted piece.

She probably has a few more hours of touch ups and highlight balance. I will probably go back into the wiring below her and do something a little less nebulous. Bah ha. Well at least the subject of this piece isn't 'veiled.' The nebula I chose to put behind her was the Western Veiled Nebula. It's funny. That I said veiled.

Well at least someone got it.

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Tonstance said...

One more thing you don't have that Mr. Rogers had: a mailman, on a children's show, called Mr. McFeely! My how times have changed.