Thursday, July 7, 2011

At long last! Until I inevitably give it another pass...

Here is my latest. I mentioned in an earlier post that planning can make everything easier, and that is forever true. Here is a painting that is much more complicated in every way, and at least twice as detailed, but it did not take nearly as much time. This is primarily because I made sure that I knew, with every step, that I was on the right track. I don't have an image of the line drawing, but here's the value study:

Followed by a mid-progress shot:

And finally, the end result:

It is interesting to note how very different the progress shots of the Dark Pearl look from each other, while this as-yet-untitled work just gets color!


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Jake Murray said...

Great job, man. I especially love the way the reflections in the robot's eye are handled. I too struggle many many times with making the whole process too hard for myself - to the point that most times when I pick up oil paints, it feels like the first time I've ever painted and I have no idea what to do. Super frustrating. But glad to see the process helped this one turn out quite nicely!