Monday, August 16, 2010

Frazetta Tribute

This is for a juried show in Chicago that I heard about from ArtOrder. The link to the gallery is here. Comments, critiques are welcome. Story is modeled after old adventure movies. REALLY old adventure movies. Pilot goes down in Africa, has to find his way back home, et cetera. This is followed by lots of cheesy acting and a contrived love story with the African Panther Queen. Since Frazetta is the master of epicness, anatomy, and classic compositions, I built my own painting on a pyramid of figures at the height of action. The challenge now will be to paint it in a palette befitting a Frazetta. 30x40

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J. Edwin Stevens said...

This is really nice. I especially like your composition, it is very fitting of Frazetta. I am actually currently working up my sketch for this as well. I can not wait to see your finish.