Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I don't like the ocean.

Don't get me wrong, the ocean is really pretty. But it's damn scary. Deep, dark, and filled with sharp, pointy things. And that's just counting the rocks.

Even the dolphins have saw mouths. Dolphins. The deeper you go, the darker and uglier things get. Oh, no, wait, what's that beautiful phosphorescent glow? The ugliest, sharpest looking fish ever. His mouth is where sewing needles come from.

It makes one feel small. That's how the internet is. I just got done looking at blog after blog of artwork. I realized that it didn't matter how big a fish I could ever be in the illustration world, I would still just be a whale among whales. One more fish in a never ending, scary blue void. A pretty one, of course, don't get me wrong...

I need to practice swimming a whole lot more.


KMcGstudio said...

I don't think you are the only one who ever feels that way. You'll hear it numerous times but do what makes you happy and do it well. It does take time, dedication, and persistence.

I've been taking time to write down my long and short term goals and putting them into action. What do you ultimately want to be when you "grow up"? What truly makes you happy when making artwork and shoot for that avenue to venture down. I've tried following so many peoples footsteps and all of them have ended up leaving me guessing at who I am as an artist. Create your own work and make it something that is an extension of you. I feel that I have had too many influences and let others influence my work to much and it has hindered me as a dedicated illustrator.

I have come to the conclusion that not everyone is going to like your work so just make those who do like it love it, and you've done your job.

It is a marathon and not a race...

Jake Murray said...

Yeah man, I hear ya. There's nothing quite like our own planet to make you feel like a meaningless speck. You can look at it positively though too. As small as you can feel compared to someone else's ability, there's something out there that dwarfs them, and then the entirety of the universe dwarfs it all. If everything is meaningless, then everything is equal. :P