Sunday, January 24, 2010

Avatar and The Book of Eli

I'll make this short and to the point. I watched Avatar in 3-D when everyone and their mother went to it. I went to it with my mother, too, no joke. The film was quite entertaining.

But it was, make no mistake, not the best movie ever. It wasn't even close to the best movie of 2009. It was the Disney film Pocahontas mixed with the Discovery Channel TV show Planet Earth, in space. Mother tree? Get the natives out so we can mine for gold? I half expected there to be a musical number about painting with all the colors of the wind. Where were the bumbling raccoon and pug dog? That's all that were missing!

Was it worth watching? Yes. Was it original? Hell no. I've seen more original episodes of Seinfeld, which are, oddly enough, episodic! Was it really pretty? Yes. That's all I have to say about that.

Book of Eli. Even shorter, even sweeter. I loved it. I'd watch it again. You have to like post apocalyptic movies and stylish action films, which I do. Also, you have to not hate the bible. If you aren't a pissed off atheist, watch it.

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Denaro said...

I agree with the "Book of Eli" post. I even gave it a shout out on my art dominated blog. I most likely will buy the DVD. In the mean time, peace and happy painting brotha!