Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Brain, we need to talk.
As of late we don't agree.
I'm trying, but I must know:
Compromise to what degree?

Well, Heart, this is simple.
You don't love what you can't have
I recommend another choice
This girl is not so bad.

Listen closely, friend,
I've been beating for a while
I don't care if there's a list
And the girls are single file,

Sometimes I cannot choose
That which I would want.
Unlike you, my mind and mentor,
Common sense is not my font.

Wingdings then, my hearty friend,
Just punctuate your words
And one day we'll write sentences
That won't be as absurd.

Just remember, like I said,
What you can't have should not be loved.
Sampson died and Troy destroyed
History teaches, so rise above.

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